Good Afternoon!  

(Tomorrow we will be going to McCabe Park to help meet needs through clothing and food for 50 families.  Thank you for your prayers.)

While studying the book of Jeremiah I realized that there was great hope given by God in the middle of announcing the complete destruction of the country.  

Many of us have been praying for the people in Texas and Arkansas following the disaster they experienced from last week's winter storm.  The recovery is going to take a while.  I have family living in Jonesboro, Arkansas and I called one of my first cousins yesterday.  He said they got 20 inches of snow and people are trying to figure out what they need to do.  The electricity is on and off.  The leaders are conducting rolling blackouts.  The power is turned off for an hour and then on again.  Then the power is turned off in another part of the city for an hour and then turned back on.  They continue to experience these blackouts for the entire day.  The result has been a loss of clean water and a shortage of food.  I feel bad for them.  But, I know they will get back their power and food will return to the stores and they will be blessed to have this experience behind them...

The same is true about COVID-19.  It seems the COVID sickness has reached its peak in America and is on the decrease.  The swiftness of receiving the vaccinations from last year and the people being more careful not to spread it has caused the panic to decrease.  

Our experience with September 11, 2001, was unbelievable.  We suffered a terrible loss.  The need for security had risen to catastrophic levels.  But, God took us through it.  

Jeremiah is a reminder that God was bringing an enemy to level national disaster to Israel...but...God also delivered the message to the people who remained faithful to Him that there would be a day when they will return to their country and it will prosper once again.  It is a reminder that God does NOT hate people...He hates SIN!  And...God would NOT be a fair God to smile at our sin or turn His back to our sin.  

We live in a country that is covered from one end to the other with SIN.  At this time...America is leading the way in the practice of every kind of sin and leaders who are making decisions for our country to wink at sin and allow the bad to become worse and the good to be hidden.  You know...Cancel Culture!  Groups organizing to destroy cities, etc.  

But, there is some good news.  God will get HIS children through all of this and will usher us into an era of blessing!  There is one thing that is blatantly true.  The final course of action for America and the world is NOT made by the politicians, but, by God.  

GOD will make the final decision concerning America.

GOD will make the final decision concerning China.

GOD will make the final decision concerning Iran. 

GOD will make the final decision concerning who wins and who loses.

And, if you have any doubt...GOD WINS!!!  His children will be ushered with Him to cross the line of victory.  In other words...we win because God wins!

God told Jeremiah to tell the people that they will become victorious again.  They will be brought back into their land and enjoy the riches of God's blessings.

You are a child of God.  That means you are depending on God to bring you into the victory circle soon.  

I know there are some things that cloud the way to victory.  But...God has it all under control.  He has the master plan.  So, don't worry or fret.  Just trust Him.

Look at what God told Jeremiah about his nation who was soon going to lose to their enemy:

"...I have hidden My face from this city because of their evil.  

Yet I will certainly bring health and healing to it and will indeed heal them.

I will let them to experience the abundance of peace and truth.  

I will restore the fortunes of Judah and of Israel and will rebuild them as in former times.  

I will purify them from all the wrongs they have committed against Me, rebelling against Me.  33:5-8  


Rejoice...A great day is coming! 

May God Bless You!
Don Betts



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