Everything Is Okay...I Got This!


Good Morning!

For years Jeremiah had a close companion. His name was Baruch. He was well educated and worked as Jeremiah's scribe to take dictation from Jeremiah as he received God's messages. It is very possible that Baruch thought he would attain a high position in the Lord's work. His brother had gotten a high position with the court of King Zedekiah...the final king of Judah. But, Baruch stayed with Jeremiah for all the years that he delivered God's messages. When Jeremiah was imprisoned...Baruch was imprisoned. When Jeremiah was hungry...Baruch was hungry. When Jeremiah was sent into hiding to avoid death at the hands of the king...Baruch was sent into hiding.  

Baruch was tired. He was disappointed that his life had not turned out the way he had hoped.  

Finally, God gives a message to Jeremiah for Baruch to write. The difference in this dictation was the message was for Baruch. God gave the message. Jeremiah spoke the message. Baruch wrote the message. It was God's messge to Baruch.  

Read the message in chapter 45:2-5:

"This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says to you, Baruch:

You have said, 'Woe is me, because the Lord has added misery to my pain!

I am worn out from groaning and have found no rest.'

This is what you are to say to him: 'This is what the Lord says:

What I have built I am about to demolish, 

and what I have planted I am about to uproot--the whole land!  

But as for you, do you seek great things for yourself? Stop seeking!

For I am about to bring disaster on every living creature'--this is the Lord's declaration--

'but I will grant you your life like the spoils of war wherever you go.'"  

Notice the message of Baruch is self-centered. It sounds a lot like the Pharisee's prayer in Luke 18.  

"Woe is ME...the Lord has added to MY pain...I am worn out...I have found no rest."  

I...ME...MY...I...I. We can tell from all the personal pronouns that for Baruch it was ALL about him.  

The main word of emphasis for this message to Baruch was "ME."  

One thing that drives me away from conversations is when someone is "ME" focused and is driven by being self-absorbed. It is easy to see where a person's interest is based on their emphasis. "Woe is me." When you become "ME" focused it is blocking you from becoming "God-focused."  

Instead of using "HE" and "HIM" and "GOD" and "LORD" a person who uses personal pronouns are telling you where their focus lies.  

That was Baruch. God finally asked him if he was seeking "great things for himself."  

His entire nation was coming to an end. The disaster was coming to everything and everyone. BUT...God told Baruch that wherever you go and whatever happens around you "I will give you life as a prize..."  There you go. It's like God was asking Baruch if he wanted the applause and protection of his nation and the people around him OR did he desire the applause and protection of God.  

God turned Baruch away from being self-absorbed to seeking God and placing his interest in Him.


I know that Satan is always telling us how good we are. He takes us to a mirror and whispers in our ear that there is no one like us anywhere. He tells us when we have been slighted. He tells us to look with disgust at people who treat us less than we deserve. He makes us stand up for our rights. He's always letting us know when someone else gets the attention we should have gotten.  

Then...we have to come back to reality and realize that God has promised to never leave us nor forsake us. Satan's attempt to control our flesh is tempting to us. But...God has promised us more than flesh. He had promised us security and safety. He is making provisions for us. He is living IN us. He not only sees us in the mirror but, he sees the heart of the person who is standing in front of the mirror. He sees what Satan cannot touch. God knows what Satan does not know. He can do what Satan does NOT have the power or resources to do. God is our Provider.  

You see...Baruch had to be told...from God...that he is okay without Baruch's help. It's never "Me" and "MY"'s always "HE" and "HIM"!  

God's message to all the Baruchs of this world is:  "Everything is okay...I got this!"


May God Bless You!

Don Betts






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